beautiful foods


Arranging ingredients just like drawing a picture on a canvas. The vividness of seasonal vegetables. Changing colors of meat and fish according to heating time. Beautiful foods are closed up to remind us of such flavors.

  • 2022.01.07

    brown sweet waffles, chocolate and whip


  • 2019.11.30

    pure veggie terrine

  • 2018.09.19

    koji | by Tokiko Iino

    糀(こうじ)|盛り付けデザイン 飯野登起子/food Presentation Artist

  • 2018.08.03

    figs, berry, kiwi and tomato | by Tokiko Iino

    いちじく、そして|盛り付けデザイン 飯野登起子/food Presentation Artist

  • 2018.06.30

    rawfood|linablue, suishi roll|by Chie Ando

    アンチエイジング料理Lab by 安藤千英 アムスタイル福岡にて毎月開催中

  • 2018.02.19

    sweet potato & avocado by ASHLEY


  • 2018.02.19

    sweet potato chips by ASHLEY