• Stainless Double Sink

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  • Walnut

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  • Ash and Stainless

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  • think

    inside of amstyle

    Zara Oak and Stainless

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  • Galaxy within Reach


    The calmer the expression of the kitchen is, the bigger the surprise is when opening it. The large drawers are well divided. They can be assembled to provide smooth access to tools and condiments during cooking. The kitchen – viewable with one glance – resembles a galaxy, since the functions for living are completed within this tiny space. It has, for example, Finnish birch storage materials with beautiful cut ends, stainless steel boxes, drawer rails for smooth movement, and storage systems. There is a saying that “God is in the details”. The inner planning is perhaps one of the best parts of kitchen planning.

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  • Walnut and Aluminum

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  • Black Oak

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  • Stainless and Finland Birch

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  • About amstyle Lounge


    The amstyle lounge is a place to think about everyday life, not a showroom to choose product specifications from a catalog. It is a place to imagine life with the amstyle kitchen, by standing and talking over a counter, having a long discussion at a dining table, looking outside through a window behind the kitchen from a sofa, or occasionally having tea or wine. Therefore, we also carefully choose sites for the lounge. The Daikanyama site in Tokyo is along the former Yamanote Street near Saigoyama Park, and the Fukuoka site is along Meiji Street facing a moat of the Fukuoka Castle Remains. The lounge is like a town for enjoying the blankness of the mind. A detailed plan is unnecessary at the beginning. Conversations with a scribbled sketch, for example, may lead to fully developed images of a kitchen. amstyle desires to cherish such moments. We welcome you to talk about various things with us, such as kitchens and houses.

  • amstyle lounge


    tokyo / fukuoka

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  • tokyo アムスタイル東京

    Hillside West, 13-13 Hachiyama-cho,
    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0035 Japan

    TEL 03-5428-3533
    FAX 03-5428-5499
    E-mail desk@amstyle.jp

    OPEN 10:00 −18:00 / CLOSE Monday


    電車:東急東横線代官山駅下車 徒歩10分

    バス:東急トランセ 渋谷駅西口35番乗り場発


  • fukuoka アムスタイル福岡

    1-16-13, Akasaka, Chuo-ku
    Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0042 Japan

    TEL 092-731-3011
    FAX 092-731-3311
    E-mail desk@amstyle.jp

    OPEN 10:00 −18:00 / CLOSE Monday & Tuesday

    Honda Cars 福岡赤坂店