The Best, Forever


Some things acquire enhanced sophistication as they are used. Some become more highly valued over the years. amstyle pursues kitchens that come closer to the “best” condition as they are used. In order for them to become valuable after the ordeals of passing time, the materials are carefully chosen and the kitchens are assembled in great detail. Being the best forever: it represents “life with amstyle”, rather than kitchens as mere things.

高層アパートメントのリノベーション、北海道大雪のナラ材とピアノグレー|Japanese oak wood 'Nara' & piano grey surface
水平のラインを形成するセラミック+ステンレス|horizontal line is made of ceramic and stainless worktops
アルミニウムブロンズが陽射しを柔らかく反射する|Aluminum bronze reflects sunlight softly
平滑度の高いピアノグレーの鏡面仕上げ|Mirror surface finish of piano gray with high smoothness