Are they all the same?


Black coating and white enamel coating: are they all the same? amstyle’s answer is no. The black coating is the traditional piano finish, while the white coating is the most-advanced UV finish. The coating film thickness is 0.7-1mm on average. Furthermore, the glossiness is adjusted depending on the interior design, size, and desired image of the kitchen space. The process sometimes involves shaving and polishing, in addition to adding coating layers. The reason for such an intricate process can be understood when the kitchen is installed in the space. The atmosphere formed by the expression of the coating (when on a large surface) completely changes depending on the space, though it is hard to notice when just looking at coating sample pieces. The coatings of amstyle kitchens are decided with a view to such extent.

プレミアムホワイトキッチンとルーフガーデン|premium white surface of amstyle
steel gray surface & basalt black worktop|スチールグレーとバサルトブラックのワークトップ
brushed stainless surface & worktop|ステンレスフィニッシュのキッチン
brushed stainless pantry on the hill overlooking the sea|海を望むステンレス仕上げのパントリー